Kandy South Water Supply Project
Environmental & Socio Economic Impact Assessment Proposed Kandy South Water Supply Project
Client: National Water Supply & Drainage Board Sri Lanka
Client Address: -
Source of Funding: -
Approx. Value Contract: -
Approx. Value of Services: USD 11,108.85
Location: Kandy
Start Date: January 2005
End Date: May 2005
Duration of Assignment: 04 months
Name of Associated Consultants: -
Description of the Project: Project to fulfill the drinking water needs of the consumers in the Kandy South area. The EIA study is to ensure that the works will be built and operated in compliance with the standards and requirements of the CEA and will respect the needs of the community.
Scope of Work: The consultant team carried out secondary data collection and review, held scoping meetings on a regular basis with client, carried out baseline surveys comprising ecological surveys to identify rare and endangered species, socio-economic surveys using rapid appraisal techniques and transact walks to identify the existing status of survey population and ti identify families to be relocated. They analyzed alternatives to feed the Yatinuwara DS Division through the Gannoruwa system or the Meewatura system, in order to establish optimum plans for the system. The Environment Impact analysis was carried out using a checklist, impact matrix method and impact chain technique. The significance was assessed on physical, ecological and socio-cultural resources during construction and operation phases of the project. Thereafter the consultants prepared an environment management plan which comprised compliance monitoring, environmental effects monitoring, monitoring of proposed mitigation methods, assessed the effectiveness of mitigation measures, improving the predictive capacity of environmental impact assessment. An extended economic analysis of the project was carried out, recommendations were made with regard to relocation of a few families including the benefits package.