Municipal Solid Waste to Energy Project
Environmental Impact Assessment Study for Proposed 40MW mixed Municipal Solid Waste to Energy, Project at Kerawalapitiya, Muthurajawela
Client: Orizon Renewable Energy (Pvt) Ltd, Sri Lanka
Client Address: -
Source of Funding: -
Approx. Value Contract: -
Approx. Value of Services: LKR 3, 978, 250
Location: Kerawalapitiya, Muthurajawela
Start Date: April 2010
End Date: August 2010
Duration of Assignment: 4 months
Name of Associated Consultants: -
Description of the Project: Project to construct a comprehensive and environmentally acceptable Waste to Entergy Plant in an area of 20 acres of uninhabited land at Kerawalapitiya, Muthurajawela to generate power from the gasification of municipal solid waste.
Scope of Work: The consultant team engaged in secondary data collection and review, conducting scoping meetings on a regular basis with client, stakeholders and community, baseline surveys comprising topographical/geological/soil surveys, hydrological assessments, air quality and noise assessment, air quality modeling, ecological surveys using transect walks, socio-economic surveys using rapid appraisal techniques, transact walks and focus group discussions to identify the positive and negative impacts due to project construction, operation and maintenance. The EIA team proposed mitigatory measures for the significant impacts that will emerge due to project activities. Consultants prepared an Environment Management Plan which comprised compliance monitoring, environmental effects monitoring, monitoring of proposed mitigatory measures, improving the predictive capacity of environmental impact assessment, assessing the effectiveness of mitigatory measures. An extended economic analysis of the project was carried out to determine the project benefits.