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Factory Building - Vivekananda Hill
Garment Factory and Warehouse

Location : Vivekananda Hill, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Client : Janatha Garment Manufacturers Limited, Sri Lanka

Project Period : August 1978

Description of the Project : 3 storied factory building located on prominent hill-top location in Colombo consisted of offices, warehouse, restaurant and stores, 3 upper production floors and red brick exterior with roof terraces. Provided complete electro-mechanical services for garment manufacturing machinery, infrastructure services for water supply and drainage, sewerage, electricity, roadways and perimeter walls. 20,000 gallon (48,000 lits) underground fire sump. Project cost is SLR 6.3 million.

Scope of work : Architectural, Engineering, Building Services and Infrastructure design through to Construction Supervision, Project Management and Contract Administration.