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Dikkowita Fishery Port Project
Construction Supervision Services for the Dikkowita Fishery Port Project
Client: Ministry of Fisheries & Aquatic Resources Sri Lanka
Client Address: -
Source of Funding: -
Approx. Value Contract: € 50 million
Approx. Value of Services: € 300,000
Location: Dikkowita
Start Date: May 2008
End Date: September 2011
Duration of Assignment: 40 Months
Name of Associated Consultants: Royal Haskoning, Netherlands
Description of the Project: Improvement of Dikkowita Fishery Harbour to facilitate the anchorage for 150 one day trawlers and 20 multi-day trawlers by establishing 11 jetties, cold storage facilities, fish market, administration buildings, water supply. Sewerage and sanitation facilities and associated electro-mechanical works.
Scope of Work: As associate consultants ECL consultants will review detailed designs made by the contractor, approve contractors Work Programmes, supervise construction comprising, investigations, surveys, construction of jetties, buildings and related infrastructure compute quantities & certifying progress claims, monitoring & test quality of works, evaluate claims, prepare progress reports, monitor progress of works, liaise with client, assist to hand over project.