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Wastewater Disposal Project
Ratmalana / Moratuwa, Ekala / Ja Ela Wastewater Disposal Project
Client: National Water Supply & Drainage Board Sri Lanka
Client Address: Galle Road, Ratmalana, Sri Lanka
Source of Funding: Government of Sri Lanka
Approx. Value Contract: USD 100 million
Approx. Value of Services: -
Location: Ratmalana / Moratuwa, Ekala / Ja Ela
Start Date: March 2008
End Date: On Going
Duration of Assignment: -
Name of Associated Consultants: SWECO Consultants Sweden
EML Consultants Sri Lanka
Description of the Project:

Ratmalana / Moratuwa Area – 36 km gravity pipelines ranging from 160 to 1,400 mm, 6.2 km pressure main from 150 to 710 mm diameter, 4 pumping stations, 01 waste water treatment plant with a design flow of 1,427 m3/h, out of which the biological station will be built in the first stage for pre-treatment of 6,750 m3.hr, one outfall pipe in the sea, 27.2 km rider pipes and 20.2 km of laterals.

Ekala / Ja Ela area – 8 km gravity pipelines of sizes 150 to 800 mm, 2.3 km pressure mains ranging from 100 mm 710 mm , 3pumping stations, one waste water treatment plant with design flow of 819 m3/hour, biological stage will be built first for inlet screening of 2815 m3/hr., 8.2 km rider pipes and 12.6km of laterals

Scope of Work: ECL consultants are engaged in design review and revision, construction supervision management including checking quality control methods, checking contract drawings, verification variation claims, verification of contractor’s monthly invoices & claims, assistance to interpret contract documents, supervision of the installation and commissioning of E & M equipment, preparation of maintenance manuals, administration of construction contracts is being done under FIDIC conditions of contract.