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Water & Environment Improvement Project
JBIC funded Southern Binh Duong Province Water & Environment Improvement Project, Vietnam
Client: Environment Co Ltd (BIWASE)
Client Address: Binh Duong Water Supply –Environment Co Ltd (BIWASE), Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Source of Funding: JBIC
Approx. Value Contract: JP Yen 6,031 million
Approx. Value of Services: USD 161, 138
Location: Binh Duong Province
Start Date: November 2008
End Date: March 2013
Duration of Assignment: 18 Months
Name of Associated Consultants: Nihon Suido Japan
Grontmij Carl Bro Vietnam, Ltd.
Description of the Project:

The objectives of the project is to improve Saigon river’s water quality by developing wastewater treatment and sewerage system of Thu Dau Mot town area under Southern Binh Duong and to contribute in improving living conditions of above areas as well as lower sections of Saigon river in Ho Chi Minh city.

Project comprises collection of domestic and industrial wastewater, into a central treatment facility and disposing of treated effluent to Saigon River. Due to the magnitude of the work, the project has been split in to four phases.

Phase I, comprises of a sewage treatment plant of capacity 17,650m3/day (2 units), main sewer length of 16.33Km, branch sewer of 106Km, collection sewer of 260Km approximately 5 pumping stations with capacity 1-3.48m3/min and E & M equipment procurement.

The treatment technology is Advanced Sequential Batch Reactor (ASBR) with Decanters up to secondary treatment, a technology that removes phosphorous and nitrogen to acceptable levels.

Scope of Work: ECL is serving as sub consultants to Messrs Grontmij Carl Bro Vietnam Ltd and developed final conceptual design of treatment plant, evaluated options for setting out, developed electrical and mechanical drawings and specifications as members of a design team, selected equipment including equipment for ASBR, sluice gates & bulk-head gates, pipes & fittings, valves, mechanical screens, washing & compacting equipment, air blowers for grit removal, intake pumps, sludge reticulation and excess sludge transfer pumps, polymer dosing equipment and centrifuges, UV treatment equipment. The consultants also prepared tender documents for ICB and will prepare training manuals and train O & M staff, test and commission equipment.